Aston Martin Cygnet Inspires the Supercar Shrinker  

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The supercar Shrinker - Lamborghini Gallardo

Hot on the heels of Aston Martin introducing its Cygnet Concept car, modeled after the Toyota IQ, our estimable car-compatriots over at iMotormag have created this wonderfully useful shrinking gizmo to provide for the same compact-ization of other supercar models.

The supercar Shrinker - Range Rover Sport

iMotormag does the incredible shrinking supercar.

iMotormag shrinks a collection of supercars to see which ones work best as minis

The supercar Shrinker - Maybach Type 62

Have a look see. Don't they all, inevitably, end up looking like a cartoon car in a Disney/Pixar production? They are all so invariably cute.

Baby supercars, yes, this is the future of the high-performance automotive realm.

The supercar Shrinker - Ferrari 458 Italia

Now, here's an idea on how to make this a money-maker. Call up Disney and Pixar and get someone to write a script for a children's film production about baby supercars. Then get a merchandising deal for those tiny, cuddly toy cars and rake in the millions. Building real DB9's will become an afterthought once they get a taste of how lucrative milking movie product tie-ins can be.

The supercar Shrinker - Koenigsegg CCR

Seriously, not even that very real Aston Martin Cygnet Concept stands much of chance to ever make it to production. Just ask Mercedes-Benz how well their little enterprise with Swiss watchmaker Swatch has gone in their co-creation of the Smart brand. That (ad-)venture has yet to yield a profit after more than a decade.

The supercar Shrinker - Bugatti Veyron


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