eBay Find of the Day: World's nicest Dodge Rampage?  

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Listen, we're not complaining here. Folks who restore old cars are to be applauded. Period. Mostly, the resto subjects are rides with mass appeal -- cars everyone is familiar with. Those are great and all, but the really insane aficionados are the ones who restore things you'd never think of. Seriously, though -- would you restore a 1982 Dodge Rampage? Frankly, we probably wouldn't either

But in this case, some Mopar lunatic did. And we want to hug him. We'll go out on a limb here and say that this is probably The Nicest Rampage in America, because on the exceedingly rare occasion when we actually see one out and about, it's usually a tired-looking disaster that's hauling something like 300 pounds of manure and/or a month's worth of recycling.

This one? Concours condition. It's pretty amazing. Anything that wasn't up to snuff was replaced. You could touch the engine bay and then perform open-heart surgery without scrubbing in -- it's that clean.

If a perfect Rampage in Sport Edition duds is the missing link in your personal collection, $12,900 on eBay is all that stands between you and forgotten-car Nirvana. Will people think you're crazy for spending that much on a Rampage? Probably, but screw those haters. They're just jealous.

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