First image of the new Chevrolet Agile  

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General Motors revealed the first image of the new Chevrolet Agile

General Motors confirmed for next October launch vehicle waited in the Mercosur region: the Chevrolet Agile, an entirely new model is distinguished by its design, comfort and versatility.

Jaime Ardila, president of GM Mercosur, notes that "The Chevrolet Agile, a leading Chevrolet launches and market in 2009, demonstrates our confidence in the public's preference and the potential of our region."

For his part, Edgar Lourencon, president of GM Agile Argentina said that "not only demonstrates the capacity for Chevrolet vehicles with modern design and world class, but confirms the strength and integration of our company to provide the best products our customers.

Design amazing

Revealing some details of the line of Agile, Carlos Barba, General Director of GM Design Mercosur, notes: "It is a vehicle that goes beyond a traditional hatchback. Our task was to design a vehicle for customers in the region, which are demanding consumers. An innovative design is essential, as the internal space and a crossover, or a vehicle that 'breathes' and versatility that is attracting different customer profiles, from the urban to the surfer or customer that to enjoy the countryside. "

"I am convinced that the design of Agile will surprise since it is a car full of young people," Barba ends.

The model comes to complement the Chevrolet line, which is most of the market and currently consists of models Spark, Corsa Classic Corsa, Aveo, Astra, Vectra GT (hatchback), Vectra sedan, the Meriva and Zafira people carriers, Captiva SUVs and the Blazer, the S10 pickup and the Corvette.

Investment in progress

The Agile Chevrolet - first model of the family live - was fully developed at the Center for Development of Mercosur GM vehicles, located in Sao Paulo, Brazil. It is the result of an investment of U.S. $ 400 million, which includes the development and production phases of the model in the region, with its production complex in the Automotive business in Rosario, province of Santa Fe The Agile aims to emerging markets as Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay.

In Argentina, advancing the implementation of the investment to start production of Chevrolet Agile. This investment has meant, among other actions, the construction of a new building of 5000 square meters of weld, new dies for the stamping of parts and components; 59 robots incorporating the latest technology to focus its work primarily on welds considered anti ergonomic, and in those parts of the body that are critical to passenger safety as well as conducting over 6,500 hours of training to operators of the new production line of Chevrolet Motor Complex in Argentina .

Are currently in the final testing of the new model for which the company is implementing global processes of validation, which are identical to those used in developing the overall architecture of Chevrolet. They take place in laboratories and in field. Are 150 units of Chevrolet Agile are rolling over 1 million miles of testing, including vehicle and partially assembled, in order to validate components, vehicle safety, durability, bodywork, brakes, noise and vibration. Finally, it is important to note that 9000 pieces were subjected to more than 3000 tests for global certification criteria, and safety, 20 vehicles passed through various laboratory impact tests, including testing now underway.

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