GM Presents those 'Simple Bare Necessities' Concepts  

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GM Bare Necessity Truck

For GM one of the most fundamental definitions goes to the idea of saving weight. That means unnecessary features are stripped off to make room for what may be termed as Bare Necessities which is applied to all vehicles including trucks and smaller cars. A number of the blog's users suggested a diesel motor and better aerodynamics for Bare Necessities Trucks as examples of eco-friendliness. The designers and engineers may end up taking some of these thoughts into the final truck product, as well as using lighter construction materials.

GM Bare Necessity Car

The new GM's plan to interact better with the world is working quite well seemingly. Users of the online forum at GMblogs are quite impressed with the company's plans for better, more fuel-efficient vehicles. During one of the discussions on the company's Eco Initiative project GM designers explained how difficult it is to meet customer expectations when it comes to eco-friendliness because different customers have different ideas of what eco-friendly means.

GM Bare Necessity Car

For smaller cars like the Bare Necessities Car some of the same principles can be applied, such as eliminating non-critical features as per customer needs while using the minimum of parts and sustainable materials. Quite a challenge considering that one man's critical feature may be another one's luxury.

GM Bare Necessity Car

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