Meadowbrook Concours 2009: 1967 Ferrari Dino 206 Competizione by Pininfarina  

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The name James Glickenhaus should be familiar to Autoblog readers. He is, of course, the gentlemen who commissioned the marvelous Enzo-derived Ferrari P4/5 several years ago. He's also the kind of wealthy car collector who most, if not all members, of Autoblog would choose to be in that alternate universe where we are all wealthy car collectors.

That is to say, Glickenhaus doesn't just squirrel away his incredibly rare cars in a climate-controlled warehouse; he takes 'em out an drives 'em as God (and the Italians) intended.

One of Glickenhaus's more recent acquisitions is the 1967 Ferrari Dino 206 Competizione by Pininfarina. The diminutive gull-wing concept was built by Ferrari and its styling partner Pininfarina in 1967 as a design study and an experiment in aerodynamics. It was never intended for production, but lessons learned from it were eventually applied to other cars.

The Dino 206 Competizione lived in the Pininfarina museum for more than three decades until 2007 when, after several years of pestering, the design house finally agreed to sell it to Glickenhaus.

It won best in class here at Meadow Brook against some strong competition, including Glickenhaus's own 1967 Ferrari 330 P3/4 Spyder and a wonderful Austin Healey 3000. And yes, Glickenhaus told us he drives this one-of-a-kind machine regularly.
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