Mock VW ad from Jeremy Clarkson draws criticism - VIDEO  

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Jeremy Clarkson's humor tends to either amuse or horrify. Some contend the dead-pan Brit occasionally goes too far with his comedic stylings, but overall, we prefer Clarkson just the way he is and don't mind his occasional pot-shots.

After all, Top Gear is an entertainment show, and while he might have stepped over the line when he called Prime Minister Gordon Brown a "one-eyed Scottish idiot," or said the people manning the Hyundai booth at the Birmingham Motor Show had all eaten dog and the designer had a spaniel for lunch, or the time he suggested that the Mini's indicators should move up and down in a one-handed Nazi salute, or when he got into tussles with environmental groups, gay rights advocates, a brain injury charity and a prostitute welfare group (full list here), it's all in good fun, right? For some, it isn't.
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