Frankfurt preview: Citroen Revolte Concept  

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Citroen is now increasingly looking like it will bring back the 2CV badge after these concept pictures were leaked. The original 2CV came into being in 1949 as a compact, economy car. Previous concept shots of this car, whose name is now officially revealed as the Revolte Concept, appeared on Facebook under the name Nouveau C3 and were later released as official teasers. Speculation began around what exactly it would be and eventually the 2CV was named as a strong possibility.

The rear window is integrated with the roof and the two blend like one piece of two-tone sheet metal. Tailpipes are not visible but where they would normally be are two air dams separated by what seems like an air diffuser. The interior is very sculptured and futuristic with seats that look like they were plucked out of a Klingon space ship. The front passenger seat actually faces backwards.

The concept looks like a premium sporting hatch which could share some underpinnings with the Citroën DS3. Its front end features the company's updated grille, small headlights and a honeycomb lower face. As previously speculated there are four doors but the rear set are the rearward opening suicide types. When wide open or completely closed they reveal a flat C-like shape which is appropriate for the car. We don't know what size wheels are fitted yet but the tyres have the name Michelin on them.

Citroën will surely unveil the Revolte at the Frankfurt Motor Show next week and hopefully share some more details about it.
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