Leaked: Wiesmann Roadster MF5  

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The leaked image shows that the Roadster will stick very closely to the coupe's styling, being almost indistinguishable with the top up aside from the cloth material and contrasting color. The show car's bright orange top and matching wheels are likely to be tamed down for customer versions, though the Wiesmann is a car that draws eyes no matter its palette.

When the Wiesmann MF5 went into production last year, the world took notice, as the latest iteration of the potent and wildly styled coupe is the sort of car that commands attention. Now that the company is getting ready to unveil the Roadster version of the MF5 at next week's Frankfurt Motor Show, it's only fitting that an image of the car's posterior should leak ahead of the official reveal.

Following on from the Roadster MF4, the Roadster MF5 takes all the best of the MF5 Coupe (pictured) and then gets rid of the confining metal roof. But if the idea of a drop-top MF5 gets your heart revving, you'd better act quickly - only 55 will be built.

Powered by the same 507-horsepower BMW-sourced V-10 engine as its hard-top sister, the Roadster MF5 will dart to 62 mph in 3.9 seconds and on to a top speed of 192 mph.

It's not all about speed, however, as the car is also outfitted with some heavy-duty safety technology, including an aluminum monocoque chassis with integrated side-impact guards, dual-stage driver and passenger airbags and ABS, stability control and more.

Pricing for the Roadster MF5 starts from €189,500, or about $267,500.

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