Mitsuoka to offer unique rental cars in Japan and China  

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Mitsuoka, the Japanese car company whose mission seems to be hoarding all the ugly in the entire world and using it to design automobiles, will expand into Japan's rental car market and offer its luxury range in China. Japanese drivers will be able to rent the Orochi for ¥25,000 ($279 US) from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m., or for three whole days for ¥45,000 ($501 US). They can also sport the Himiko for ¥20,000 ($223 US) for those nine hours, or ¥36,000 ($401 US) for 72 hours.

The sea monster-faced Orochi will also spearhead Mitsuoka's charge into China. The company plans to display the car at next year's Beijing Auto Show, and to open dealerships in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou. We know the Chinese have occasionally fascinating taste in car design, but we can't wait to see how they receive the Orochi. Mitsuoka wants to move 35 units in its first year, and as if its looks weren't queer enough, the car is expected to cost 50% more in China than it does in Japan, where it will already set you back ¥9,345,000 ($87,287 USD). Any takers?

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