2010 Nissan NV200 Taxi  

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Nissan NV200 Vanette Taxi on its Way to Tokyo

Nissan has released a taxi version of the popular Nissan Vanette, the commercial
taxi meeting Japan's Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport's
universal-design taxi concept. Based on the all-new Nissan Vanette, which was
introduced in May, the NV200 Vanette Taxi is a new breed of commuter, featuring
a stylish form and roomy, comfortable interior.

The NV200 Vanette Taxi is also designed to address and support the
ever-more-important needs of Japan's elderly and disabled, fulfilling their
desires to remain independent in their daily and social lives. This is part of
Nissan's continuing efforts to help build a society in which everyone can live

A Roomy Cabin for Transportation in Comfort

The NV200 Vanette Taxi is designed to suit the needs of any customer, anywhere
at any time, with its spacious cabin providing ample room for all passengers,
including those in wheelchairs.

Its low waistline and high seating position enhances the open, airy interior
feel and passenger visibility, while rails and other details make it easy to
enter and exit.

On sale in 2010

The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport has been promoting the
universal-design taxi concept based on special design guidelines. The NV200
Vanette Taxi will be on sale by the end of 2010 meeting Ministry guideline

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