All-New Alto Concept, Swift Plug-in Hybrid, SX4 FCV and MIO  

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We are pleased to inform you that Suzuki will have a major presence at the Tokyo Motor Show 2009, which will be held at the Makuhari Messe International Convention Complex in Chiba City from 21 October to 4 November 2009. It will be organized by the Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association. At the 2009 Tokyo Motor Show, the Suzuki booth will bring together automobiles, motorcycles, power-assisted bicycles, and electric wheelchairs under an overall theme of "small cars for a big future". As well as showing Suzuki products, it will highlight the company's future-oriented initiatives. Visitors will see how Suzuki's automaking spirit and technologies realize exciting lifestyle possibilities.

All-New Alto Concept

The all-new Alto Concept points to the future of the minivehicle by combining newly honed performance with minivehicle economy and user-friendliness. Styling that appeals to people regardless of age and gender makes the Alto Concept an outstanding proposition for motorists who want minivehicle economy and convenience. A big, simple, highly legible speedometer, an easy-to-use floor-mounted shifter, and user-friendly switches and storage spaces realize convenience for people of all ages. And low weight reflects a concerted effort to realize fuel economy and environmentally sensitive low-emission performance at levels that will be demanded in the years ahead.

Suzuki Swift Plug in Hybrid.jpg

Swift Plug-in Hybrid

The Swift Plug-in Hybrid is a series hybrid incorporating a propulsion motor, a battery, and an engine-powered generator. Reflecting a close focus on daily convenience, it's designed primarily to be driven only on electric power on short day-to-day drives.

For the short distances involved in daily shopping or commuting, the Swift Plug-in Hybrid is powered by a battery that's charged from a household mains socket. When the battery runs low, an engine of a kind usually used in minivehicles powers a generator that charges the battery. This means the Swift Plug-in Hybrid not only meets the needs of the many people who drive no more than 20km each day but also saves users from worrying about being stranded or having to search for a charging stand if the battery runs low.

With the Swift Plug-in Hybrid, anyone can easily do something for the environment while enjoying daily mobility.

Suzuki SX4 FCV.jpg

SX4-FCV (Fuel-Cell Vehicle)

The SX4-FCV combines a General Motors-produced high-performance fuel cell with a Suzuki-developed high-pressure (70MPa) hydrogen tank and a light, compact capacitor, which promotes driving performance by recovering energy during brake application and using it to reduce fuel-cell loading during acceleration. With a view to commercializing the SX4-FCV, Suzuki is testing it on public roads with government approval and using the resulting data in ongoing development.

Suzuki MIO.jpg

MIO (Fuel-Cell-Powered Electric Wheelchair)

Suzuki's MIO electric wheelchair is powered by a direct-methanol fuel cell rather than by a conventional lead-acid battery. The methanol solution is held in a cartridge-type bottle that's easy to replace with a full spare one, so the user gains extra freedom and doesn't need to worry about running out of fuel on the road. Suzuki began joint trials of the MIO with the Shizuoka prefectural government in November 2008 with a view to enhancing its reliability ready for commercialization.


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