Audi A1 Prototype Caught for First Time  

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2011 Audi A1 Prototype

Spies have caught the first images of the Audi A1 prototype being taken around the block. BMW-style black & white psychedelic camo cannot do enough to hide the Audi front grille. Just from these pictures it appears the car will have a longer wheelbase than its chief rivals. An Audi executive was recently quoted as saying several body variants were possible. Clearly this is a 3-door but a 5-door, a Cabriolet and a possible coupe/ roadster can be expected. Even an SUV cannot be discounted.

2011 Audi A1 Prototype

Audi is not yet at a stage where customers in the US are prepared to part with premium cash for an ultra-compact model. Therefore the A1 will not be launched for this market, not until such time as public attitudes at least improve.

2011 Audi A1 Prototype

Engines would include a 1.8-litre TSI, some diesel units as well as hybrid or full-on electric. Drive would be placed mainly on the front wheels but a possible S1 might take a leaf from bigger S cars and use quattro AWD.

Whether the A1 eventually looks more like the Metroproject Concept remains to be seen.

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