Automoblox unveils hot rods and heavy duty pickup  

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Automoblox HR1

We've been reporting on (and buying) the Automoblox line of heirloom quality toy
cars for sometime, but recently there hasn't been much out of Patrick Calello's
company to knock our socks off. That's about to change just in time for the
holiday shopping season, however, as Automoblox will be welcoming a big set of
brand-new vehicles to the lineup. The first to arrive is the T900 pickup, which
just happens to bear a slight resemblance to king of heavy duty trucks, the Ford
Super Duty. Arriving soon in both full-size and mini versions, the T900 is the
Tonka truck that Automoblox never had.

Automoblox HR2

Next up is a whole new thing for Automoblox: hot rods. The HR1, HR2 and HR3 hot
rods are much more detailed than the Automoblox cars we're used to, with big
grilles, period-correct wheels and in some cases, an exposed engine. Also
available in full-size or mini versions, the HR series will ship shortly after
the T900.

Automoblox HR2

The highlight of Automoblox's holiday line up, however, pairs both new series
together in a big way. Patrick and his team have put together a package that
combines the new full-size T900 truck, the HR2 hot rod and a specially designed
trailer to help haul the one with the other. Consider this the brand's halo
package, and start dropping hints with Santa that you expect one under the tree.

Pricing has not been announced for the new models yet, but expect them to be
slightly higher than the
current line.


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