BB1 begins a European tour  

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PARIS : October 30, 2009 - After Peugeot BB1 presentation at the Frankfurt Motor Show, BB1 was seen in the streets of Paris. This weekend, BB1 begins a European tour which starts at the Sony Center in Berlin.


Next, the English will welcome BB1 to Covent Garden on 7th and 8th November. BB1 will then go to Spain for 21st and 22nd November, then to Italy, where it will be on show in Milan on 28th and 29th November. BB1 will finish its European tour in Paris on the weekend of 12th December 2009.


In the five countries it visits, BB1 will be exhibited in places that draw large crowds. In this way, Peugeot is showing the general public its solution to the new automobile deal of the future: a 100% electric project capable of carrying 4 people in 2.5 metres.


All dates and details are available on the site as well as on BB1's different social networks which have already attracted over 15,000 fans across Europe.

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