KTM Quake concept  

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The KTM Quake concept features not only a striking asymmetric body and multi-component wheels, it also has an extraordinary propulsion system which uses the principle of piezoelectric. Piezoelectricity describes the ability of some materials (notably crystals like quartz and certain ceramics) to generate an electric current when compressed. Currently Piezoelectricity is used commonly in items like piezo lighters, and starters for gas-fired barbecues etc.

Going on the lines of clean energy, the KTM Quake concept embraces it all out by using piezoelectricity for power. The Piezoelectric effect has been used in a number of gadgets, but none of them requires energy on such a large scale as to propel a car. Designer of the KTM Quake, Enrico Vettorato estimates that such technology will be in place by 2020, and has dated his concept for the same year.

As the styling and shape suggests the Quake is aimed at younger buyers who want something stylish, sporty and unusual. The two-seat layout and lightweight construction helps to keep power consumption to a minimum and increase the overall performance.

The Quake gets an asymmetric body form with multi-component wheels. The body is made mainly of natural coconut fiber, and a touch of carbon fiber as well. To continue the theme of asymmetry, the concept’s doors open in opposite directions, and the compartment is divided by a high center console. Each wheel of the car houses a 60hp electric motor, arranged to evenly distribute the weight and get the maximum out of the piezoelectric effect.


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