Next-Gen RX-8 Will Be Evolutionary  

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Mazda’s design boss Ikuo Maeda claims that the next generation RX-8 coupe will be more of an evolution of the current model than a radically different proposition to the current car.

It's been six years since the Mazda RX-8 came on the scene and brought with it a sublime combo of handling, equipment, features, and pricing.

Even though the rotary engine is coming under pressure for high fuel consumption and emissions, Mazda insiders claim that the next generation engine will have a larger capacity, more torque and employ the company’s newly revealed Sky technology to improve fuel consumption and CO2 output.

Certain to remain will be current car’s rear-wheel drive layout and four-door coupe body, as well as its rotary engine. No word on whether or not the suicide-style rear doors will remain, however.
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