Noble founder working on new 650-horsepower supercar?  

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Like the Noble M12, it will be built in South Africa, and like the newer Noble M600, it will incorporate a Graziano six-speed manual. But Lee says he wants to learn from what he calls previous mistakes and keep production numbers low, amounting to a maximum of 100 units each year. Beyond that, Lee says his new project will offer between 400 and 650 horsepower, weigh less than 1200 kg (2,645 pounds) and cost no more than £100,000 (~$160k) even in top spec. That's one hell of a compelling package, and we can't wait to see what it can do.

Lee Noble may be known best for his eponymous sportscar firm, but the British designer has experience that extends beyond the small company that bears his name. Before forming Noble Automotive, he penned such greats as the Ascari Ecosse and the record-setting Ultima GTR, to say nothing of the Rossion Q1 and Salica GT spawned from his design. Now he's sold his company and is going it alone once again with a new initiative, details of which have just begun to emerge.

The guru of small-batch supercars has yet to give his new project a name, but you can expect the format to follow the same formula as his previous works. That means a lightweight, mid-engine frame with a minimum of electronic nannies.

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