Tokyo Motor Show: Suzuki Swift Plug-in Hybrid  

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Suzuki Swift Plug-in Hybrid live in Tokyo

The Swift Plug-in Hybrid is a series hybrid incorporating a propulsion motor, a battery, and an engine-powered generator. Reflecting a close focus on daily convenience, it's designed primarily to be driven only on electric power on short day-to-day drives. For the short distances involved in daily shopping or commuting, the Swift Plug-in Hybrid is powered by a battery that's charged from a household mains socket. When the battery runs low, an engine of a kind usually used in minivehicles powers a generator that charges the battery. This means the Swift Plug-in Hybrid not only meets the needs of the many people who drive no more than 20km each day but also saves users from worrying about being stranded or having to search for a charging stand if the battery runs low. With the Swift Plug-in Hybrid, anyone can easily do something for the environment while enjoying daily mobility.

Suzuki Swift Plug-in Hybrid live in Tokyo

Major Features

* The Swift Plug-in Hybrid is aimed at people who make predominantly short journeys and would drive it on battery power.
* If the driver covers no more than 20km per day, the engine does not start and thus uses no petrol.
* The generator is driven by a light, fuel-efficient K6A 658cm3 minivehicle engine.
* Since the engine is used only for the generator, its speed is controlled for maximal efficiency.
* Efforts to minimize friction throughout the engine are reflected in engine parts such as low-tension piston rings.
* The propulsion battery is a lithium-ion type incorporated into the centre console.
* A battery capacity of a minimal 2.66kWh reflects a priority on cost and space savings.
* A connector that allows the battery to be charged using household mains power is positioned on the rear of the body.
* The battery can be charged using relatively inexpensive nighttime power.

Suzuki Swift Plug-in Hybrid live in Tokyo


* Overall length: 3,755mm
* Overall width: 1,690mm
* Overall height: 1,510mm
* Wheelbase: 2,390mm
* Seating capacity: Five persons
* Powertrain:
Generator engine: Displacement: 658cm3; max. output: 40kW
Generator: Permanent-magnet, synchronous; max. output 40kW
Propulsion motor: Permanent-magnet, synchronous; max. output 55kW
Battery: Lithium-ion; rated voltage: 260V; capacity: 2.66kWh
Driving range: 20km on battery (before generator starts)
* Drive system: Front-engine, front-wheel drive (two-wheel drive)

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