Autodelta J4 3.2 C and Brera S 3.2 ‘Compressore’ Unveiled  

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Autodelta launched bespoke versions of two Alfa Romeo models. Autodelta, which has London Park Royal headquarters, is known for creating bespoke, tuned versions of Alfa Romeos. For the MPH09, also known as the Prestige and Performance car show, it has created 159 and Brera models.


Based on the 159, the Autodelta J4 3.2 C features a range of styling and performance upgrades over the standard model. It is equipped with a 3.2-liter V6 engine that has been modified to produce 347bhp. However, new performance figures have yet to be released. Autodelta carried out an intensive R&D to improve the chassis and have a smooth, yet sporty ride.


Traction is further improved by the fitting of Autodelta's bespoke mechanical limited slip differential (LSD) that operates in combination with the Brera's standard electronic Q2 system. According to the tuner, the mechanical LSD works in a more natural way as the Q2 only operates in more extreme driving scenarios by applying the brakes to transfer power to the required corner, offering better feedback to the driver.


These upgrades also feature on the 159.The Autodelta Brera S 3.2 ‘Compressore’ also boasts a new limited-slip differential to improve in-gear performance and boost traction. Replacing Prodrive’s track suspension set-up is a custom Autodelta Sportline suspension, which is claimed to combine track and road qualities. Autodelta has yet to reveal pricing or sale dates.

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