First tuned Tata Nano spotted  

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Carnation is a multi-brand car service outlet promoted by the ex-CEO of Maruti Udyog Mr. Jagdish Khattar. DC is a designer whose designs put star trek star ships to shame, but DC was not able to make his designs come in to a proper customer based market because of the lack of marketing and supply chain. That’s where Carnation & Kahttar come in. While DC provides the design Carnation takes care of the Sales. That’s what the carnation website calls “ The Artist meets the Enabler”

When Mr. Kattar addressed “Our endeavor is to create ‘experience destinations’ for our customers, a nationwide world-class car care backup network and warranty will provide customers the assurance that their beautifully customized cars are in good hands when they need to be serviced.”

Carnation and DC has collaborated this scheme in which customers can get their cars modified by the DC designed kits at a Carnation center. Currently kits are available for 4 models which include Toyota Innova, Honda City and Suzuki Swift. The Nano Job is currently under development and the kit will be available from next year.

While the City and Swift get the facial treatments, Innova undergoes by-pass surgery with completely reworked interiors which would easily be mistaken for a private jet cabin. With leather seats that recline to 150°, a privacy partition, a 19’’ LCD TV with optional Satellite TV, a Sound System with DVD player, a Beverages Chiller, Fold-out tables and ample leg room you would want to never reach your destination. The exteriors are reworked with accentuated bumpers and air ducts, easy-access platforms and aircraft styled roof module.
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