Video: Ford unveil new Fiesta S2000 rally car  

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Ford Motor Company and noted rally masters M-Sport have pulled the veil off their latest collaborative rally machine, the Fiesta S2000.

It's their first global rally car, and as such will be able to compete in a whole bevy of international competitions ranging from IRC to the S2000 World Cup to Aatos and Aamu's Finnish Tree Bash. Long story short, going by past history alone, this should be one bruiser of a successful rally car.

Ford is responding with their S2000 Fiesta. Motivated by a 2 liter Duratec that spins to 8000 rpm, it cranks out 280 horsepower and almost 200 lb-ft. Sure, it may not sound like much, but remember that weight is only at 2600 lbs, 100 lbs less than any current WRC car–all without a turbo. Rest assured, the sideways action and speed is here to stay.

It follows hot on the heels of M-Sport's extremely successful two wheel drive Fiesta R2, which was launched earlier this year and has already taken class victories in rallies across Europe.

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