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The next BMW M5 will be the first to have a turbocharged engine. News of the car's development comes by way of Autocar, who interviewed M division development chief Albert Bierman. Bierman says development of the next-gen M5 is well under way.

BMW M5 F10 spy photo

The engine’s output remains secret. But with the same unit pumping out 555bhp in the X5 and X6 M, the new car should stick to the M5 tradition of being more powerful than the car it replaces.

The most noticeable difference will be the way the new engine delivers its power. The V10’s 500bhp comes at 7750rpm, but the V8’s peak power should arrive at not much more than 6000rpm.

BMW M5 F10 spy photos on Nurburgring

Although fuel consumption, and emissions, are expected to be reduced, a hybrid version similar to that of the Active Hybrid 7 is not expected. This decision is due to the added weight (100kg) a hybrid system would cause, a contrast to the car's carbon-fiber roof and trunk. Look for a new, seven-speed dual-clutch transmission to be on the vehicle, similar to that shown on the 25th anniversary M5. LED lighting, better aerodynamics, and a double-wishbone front suspension should also exist on the car.

BMW M5 F10 spy photos on Nurburgring

The BMW has just introduced a new petrol-electric hybrid system on its new Active Hybrid 7, it has not been considered for the M5 due to the 100kg it adds to the car’s weight.

BMW M5 F10 spy photo

The new M5 will continue the car’s tradition of visual understatement with a muscular appearance. LED lighting will be used to enhance the look and differentiate the M5 from the standard 5-series, a new generation of which is due early next year.
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