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The culture of public track days is quite established in the UK. As such a number of manufacturers who specialise in road-legal track cars have emerged. Well-known names include the Ariel Atom V8 and Caparo with its T1. Climax Cars hopes to be added to that growing list.
The UK company plans a production run of 200 Sports Racer models for its Coventry facility. Power is supplied by a Ford Racing 4.6-litre V8 that makes 257kW (345bhp) and 414Nm (305lb ft) in its natural state while a supercharged version will take go up to 309kW (450bhp). A 6-speed Graziano GT ME1 gearbox sends power to the rear axle.

This latest object of our desire (and we reserve the right to add to our lust list at any given time) packs up to 450 horsepower – courtesy of a supercharged 4.6-liter Ford Racing V8 – in a car that weighs just 1,999 pounds (907 kilograms). That's a power-to-weight ratio of... carry the one, move the decimal point... about 450 horsepower per ton! Acceleration, thy name is Climax Sports Racer.

The metal alloy was used for the chassis as well as in the bodywork. Weight comes to 907kg (1999.5 lbs), giving the Sports Racer a power-to-weight ratio of 283kW (380bhp) per tonne for the normal V8 and 342kW (458bhp) per tonne for the supercharged version.
The fully-adjustable double wishbone suspension ensures good handling. There is an options list that includes ceramic brakes, full race harnesses, and sequential and semi-automatic gearboxes.

Fully-adjustable double-wishbone suspension at all four corners, ceramic brakes and a six-speed sequential Graziano GT ME1 gearbox ought to ensure suitable track-day performance cred while the expected £92,000 (about $150,000) asking price undercuts the Ariel Atom V8 by £30,000 and the Caparo T1 by over £60,000. Only 200 are planned and there's no word on if there will ever be U.S. availability. Looks like we're moving to Britain.
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