Rumored: 2013 Nissan GT-R hybrid  

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Earlier reports suggested that Nissan was working on a high-performance SUV using the GT-R drivetrain. This car, which would wear an Infiniti badge in the States, would be Nissan's answer to the Porsche Cayenne (which is Porsche's best-selling model), the BMW X5 and X6. Another rumor hinted at a four-door GT-R-powered sedan badged as an Infiniti that would go head to head against the BMW M5 and Porsche Panamera. As far as we know, both of those projects have been shelved in favor of the GT-R hybrid.

The Essence showcar's hybrid system consisted of the G37's 3.7-liter V6, whose output was raised to 440 horsepower with the help of twin turbochargers. This was combined with a 160-hp electric motor, bringing the grand total to 600 hp. For the GT-R, Nissan would go with the 3.8-liter twin turbocharged V6 (VR38DETT) with the same electric motor used for the Essence. The target output would also be 600 hp (440 hp from the gasoline engine and 160 from the electric motor). That means the hybrid GT-R would boast more than 100 hp more than the current GT-R, while fuel economy would improve to roughly 25-30 mpg. And because it's a GT-R, we're also told that all-wheel drive will still be part of the package.

It's no secret that Nissan targeted the performance of the Porsche 911 Turbo when it developed the GT-R. A quick look at the car's specifications will reveal just how similar the cars are, from their twin-turbocharged six-cylinder engines' output, all-wheel-drive layout and of course, lap times around the Nürburgring. GT-R Chief Vehicle Engineer and Chief Product Specialist Kazutoshi Mizuno even went as far as saying he intends the "GT-R to maintain a life cycle of six to seven years as it evolves gradually during those years, similar to how Porsche cars evolve."

With all that power comes great fiscal responsibility, so what would a GT-R hybrid cost? IL guesses $100,000 could be the price of entry, though Nissan could be looking for a little more coin than that. After all the GT-R Spec-V was rumored to cost quite a bit more and if you add a hybrid powertrain to Spec-V weight loss techniques, we could be looking at one very expensive green machine.

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