Detroit Auto Show: Revenge Verde Supercar adds mean to its green  

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U.S.-based Revenge used the 2010 Detroit Auto Show to introduce the world to its Verde Supercar, and we were there with cameras in hand to capture the event on film memory cards. Honestly, we were impressed with the Verde's outer appearance, though we couldn't get close enough to see the interior or the car's underpinnings.

Speaking of which, Revenge claims that the Verde shares a good portion of its aluminum chassis with the dearly departed Ford GT. Powertrain options are, shall we say... interesting. We're certainly not complaining about the Roush-sourced Ford Racing V8 with 605 horsepower or the supercharged GM LS9 with 638 horses. It's the Hp2g Hybrid drivetrain option that we're a wee bit leery of... not that we wouldn't love to believe that the V8 engine puts out 400 horsepower while running on E85 and returning upwards of 100 miles per gallon, it's just that we need to see it for ourselves before we believe it.

Moving on, the bodywork is fashioned from aluminum and carbon fiber, which allows for a weight of 3,500 pounds. Performance estimates put the 0 to 60 time at between three and five seconds, depending on the powertrain chosen. Top speed will reportedly be over 200 miles per hour, with optional gearing that could potentially allow the Verde to hit 240 mph. Pricing is set at $190,000 and Revenge says it's planning to put cars in paying customer's hands later this year. We'll see.

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