Kia and Microsoft's Uvo... [Video]  

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Tucked in between Google's hot new smartphone and a variety of other computer peripheral equipment at this year's CES show is a crossover. Not the jacked-up, tricked-out, neon-dragging customized type that we typically see around the Consumer Electronics Show, but a bone-stock, 2011 Kia Sorento. Well, stock except for one option: UVO.

We recently got a chance to try out the newly-announced system in the plastic, and while impressive in its own right, just hours after sitting down with Ford to check out the latest Sync and MyFord Touch, it's somewhat less than stunning.

But, ignoring that for now, Kia's offering looks good and still ahead of the rest of the curve. It's functionally comparable to early Sync, enabling easy access to media on 1GB of internal storage, on a USB-connected drive or even on a CD.

You can rip from CD straight to internal memory or to a thumb drive, an interesting feature we're not sure is particularly useful. The touchscreen display is a nice improvement over Ford's two-line Sync readout, but remember that if you get this system, you'll have to opt out of in-dash GPS. Good thing you splurged and got that Droid, right?
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