Tokyo Auto Salon: Toyota Mark X G Sports Concept  

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Toyota Mark X G Sports Concept - 600

Tokyo-TOYOTA MOTOR CORPORATION (TMC) announces it plans to begin a gradual rollout in Japan in mid-2010 of its newly developed "G Sports"1 (G's) sports conversion car2 series. The series, to be sold through Toyota-brand dealers, is meant to offer to a wider range of people the "automotive seasoning" that TMC has pursued through its GAZOO Racing3 activities.

The G's series is designed for customers who strongly desire to own a unique vehicle, offering them a personalized interior and exterior design along with sports-driving performance. TMC has directly designed this sports conversion series, instead of the conventional approach of outsourcing development to a customization firm.

The base vehicle of the G's series is equipped with internal and external components that include sports suspension, aerodynamic parts and racing-style seats. A special focus has been placed on "driving seasoning" to make handling fun, through fine-tuning carried out by the GAZOO Racing test drivers who drove the Lexus "LF-A" in the 24 Hours Nürburgring race in Germany and developed the "iQ"-based "GAZOO Racing tuned by MN4" (GRMN).

Toyota Mark X G Sports Concept - 600

TMC's aim is to bring that "driving seasoning" and the joy of automobiles to a wider range of customers by reducing production costs through partial inline customization5 and other measures.

TMC has been carrying out a diverse range of activities to broaden the joy and dreams that vehicles inspire, along with its ongoing efforts to use hybrid-vehicle and other technologies to address environmental issues.

Toyota Mark X G Sports Concept - 600

In addition to the "FT-86 Concept" rear-wheel drive compact sports car and the Lexus "LFA" shown at the 2009 Tokyo Motor Show, plans call for TMC's sports model lineup to expand through the introduction of conversion models and sports-trim models of mass-produced vehicle series, such as the GRMN and G's series.

Marked List X G Sports Concept Major Characteristics
Grade base model 350S
Model Cars GRX133-AETSH
Vehicle weight 1,500 kg
Engine 2GR-FSE
Maximum output 234kW (318PS) / 6,400 r.p.m
Torque 380N?m (38.7kg?m) / 4,800 r.p.m
Fuel supply In-cylinder direct fuel injection + port
Vehicle dimensions (length × width × height) 4,730 mm × 1,815 mm × 1,415 mm
Wheelbase 2,850 mm
Seating capacity Five
Drivetrain 2WD (LSD rear-wheel drive system with)
Transmission S Hold-stage range gear paddle shift six-speed automatic +
Outside board color "code" Majora

Toyota Mark X G Sports Concept - 600


  • With the engine hood air outlet
  • Front bumper
  • With the front fender air outlet
  • G's emblem (side, rear)
  • Grill only
  • Only Saidomaddogado
  • Carbon roof panel style
  • LED beam line
  • 20-inch aluminum wheels and performance tires (YOHOKAMA ADVAN SPORTS)
  • Red dots mark Toyota pedestal
  • Rear bumper diffuser with air outlet
  • Torankusupoira
  • Dual Muffler
  • G's Sheet Cutting


  • Carbon style decorative red stitching leather steering
  • Leather shift knob
  • Center carbon clusters decorating style
  • Carbon style decorative door trim
  • Push start switch with G's logo
  • G's RECARO seats (D, P seats)
  • Black & Red Paipingufuroamatto
  • Audio system with auxiliary display function meter (made by Alpine)


  • Supotsurodaunsasupenshon (-20mm)
  • 6Pod caliper front facing, rear caliper opposed 4Pod
  • Furontodorirudorota Φ355, Riadorirudorota Φ345
  • Sports brake pads
  • Reinforced Body
  • Underbody aero parts
  • Pafomansudanpa (made by Yamaha)

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