Video: MINI Beachcomber Concept Unveiled in Detroit  

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-MINI unveiled the open-air MINI Beachcomber Concept in Detroit. The SAV is a hint at the design of the upcoming MINI Crossover, which will likely debut in production form at Geneva.

Speaking on behalf of the brand, BMW board member Ian Robertson said, "The inspiration for the MINI Beachcomber Concept is clearly born from the MINI Crossover, combined with the vision of a radically open body concept." He went on to audaciously compare the concept to the classic Mini Moke, though the two vehicles have nothing in common beyond a lack of doors.

After all, the Moke measured in at 3,050 mm, while the Beachcomber stretches to 3,988 mm.
Robertson also claimed that the two vehicles share a common element in the grille, but one look at the Moke's unusual grille proves otherwise. The Beachcomber retains none of the Moke's buggy feel, serving as little more than a teaser for the Crossover.

The Beachcomber Concept also has a soft roof and lightweight doors if the driver were to experience bad weather. Look for the concept's ALL4 all-wheel drive unit to appear on the Crossover, as well as the four dedicated seats.

Robertson did say that more information about the MINI Crossover will be revealed in February.
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