Mercedes-Benz museum showcases 120 years of automotive history  

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The Mercedes-Benz Museum is the only museum in the world that can document in a single continuous timeline over 120 years of auto industry history from its very beginnings to the present day. On nine levels and covering a floor space of 16,500 square metres, the museum presents 160 vehicles and over 1,500 exhibits. As a place of innovation, it also demonstrates that history can point the way ahead.

The exhibition not only presents the fascinating history of the Mercedes-Benz brand, it also affords illuminating insights into the future. This dual function is also reflected in the architecture of the Mercedes-Benz Museum, designed by the UNStudio of Dutch architects van Berkel and Bos, Amsterdam.

The building's interior is inspired by the double helix structure of the DNA spiral that carries the human genome. This in turn illustrates the Mercedes-Benz brand's philosophy of originality – to continuously create radically new products to advance the cause of human mobility.

During a two-hour tour of the exhibition, visitors experience a unique journey through automotive history. Transported by lift to the uppermost level of the museum, the visitor arrives back in the year 1886, where two museum tours gradually spiral their way down through the extensive collection and back to the museum exit.

The first of the tours consists of seven Legend rooms which narrate the chronological history of the brand. The second tour groups the wealth of vehicles on display into five separate Collection rooms, which thematically document the breadth and diversity of the brand portfolio and collection.

The visitor can switch from one tour to the other at any time. Both tours finish at the banked curve entitled Silver Arrows – Races & Records. The exhibition is rounded off by the Fascination of Technology display, which offers a glimpse into day-to-day work at Mercedes-Benz and also presents topics concerning the future of the automobile.

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  • 9/2/10 03:53  

    Yes definitely Mercedes-Benz is one of the best Company in automobile industries. The show room of Mercedes-Benz is older more than 120 years which is definitely proud for any automobile company. It shows the popularity of Mercedes-Benz than other auto companies.

  • 17/5/10 04:29  

    Well this is an old and renowned car manufacturing company and since its launching from the year 1886 this company continuously perform well and has been able to leave a spot in the heart of car lovers.

  • 1/7/10 22:38  

    Mercedes is always consider as a dream car of me. But still i am not able to buy this model as the price is too much for me. The showroom which you have mentioned above is a good museum. I have visited there last month.