Atomik unveils all-electric version of Fiat 500  

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atomik 500

While there's still no word on whether Fiat/Chrysler will bring an electric version of the retro-metro 500 to market, it appears that someone else will. Atomik Cars has taken the 500 Abarth and made it meaner and cleaner. The new company's aim is to deliver a zero-emission vehicle that blends supercar performance with city car packaging. Atomik's motto is "Anticipating the future." It may well have succeeded.

atomik 500

The vehicle is said to be powered by an AC brushless synchronous motor that is said to be equivalent to that of a 300hp engine. The Atomik 500 reaches 60mph in just 5.6 seconds and is powered by a lithium iron phosphate battery pack of unknown capacity. The vehicle also features a ceramic heating system that warns the driver that the “Peltier A/C modules w/o gas” needs to be cooled.

atomik 500

atomik 500

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2 评论: to “ Atomik unveils all-electric version of Fiat 500

  • 26/3/10 07:13  

    I love that picture with the astronaut. This car really wouldn't look out of place scooting around on the moon, can't say that about most city cars. :P

  • 12/4/10 05:38