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There exists not one but thousands of DS3s. And now, Citroën Racing, the Marque's competition department, has created its take of the new model and transformed it into its own image. With five World Rally Championship Constructors' titles for CITROËN and six Drivers' titles for Sébastien Loeb and Daniel Elena, there can be no doubts about the expertise of Citroën Racing.

Presented at Geneva in special livery, the DS3 Racing stands apart with its special positioning focused on sports performance and driving pleasure. An outstanding concentrate of behind-the-wheel thrills featuring an artful blend of performance and efficiency, the newcomer will take up its place in the DS3 range with an appealing combination of verve and vitality.

The DS3 Racing embodies CITROËN'S "Créative Technologie" with elegance, originality and sportiness. It is fitted with the 1.6-litre THP engine developing 200 bhp, specially tuned to bring drivers intense thrills and unrivalled on-road performance.
The DS3 Racing will be launched in a limited series of 1,000 units in second-half 2010.

Emotional design

The styling of the DS3 Racing inspires boldness, desire, vigour and ambition. The DS3 Racing is a pure expression of sportiness. At 3.94 m long, its eminently attractive, taut yet flowing lines evoke strength, energy, driving pleasure and safety.

The DS3 Racing features the same styling cues as the DS3 but adds full-blooded racing attributes suggesting a vigorous purebred character.

It boasts carbon finish on the semi-rigid front bumper, lower body trim and wing extensions, which emphasise the large 18-inch wheels with their original, high-tech racer design. The side mouldings on the doors are also finished in carbon.

The DS3 Racing benefits from aerodynamic research from the motor racing sector. It sports a carbon-trimmed spoiler to maintain stability at high speeds and a chrome-finished exhaust pipe that elegantly punctuates the car's attractive lines.

All of this rally-based equipment strengthens the definitively sporty and athletic character of the DS Racing, which signals its exclusive character with a special signature on the tailgate.

The exclusive nature of the DS3 Racing is also illustrated by the original livery of the car on show at Geneva. The body is painted dark grey, while the roof, exterior rearview mirrors and brake callipers are in orange and the grille and wheels in chrome orange. The car's singular nature is also expressed with decals on the roof, boot lid and fuel flap.

Sophisticated, individual atmosphere

The DS3-based interior gets the same special treatment as the exterior. Passengers are bathed in a refined and original top-end atmosphere. Carbon detailing is elegantly applied on the central console of the dashboard, the steering wheel embellisher, the door armrests and the hood of the instrument cluster.

The orange colour of the roof is echoed on the broad and elegant dashboard inserts, the gearstick handle and the lower party of the gearstick embellisher.

The exclusive personality of the DS3 Racing is once again clearly evidenced in the numbered plate on the roof lining, while the Citroën Racing signature adorns the backs of the specially designed seats.

Engineered for more power

The DS3 racing is all about performance. Developed by Citroën Racing, its engine benefits from all the expertise of the teams of the Marque, five-time WRC champion in 2003, 2004, 2005, 2008 and 2009.

Citroën engineers took the 1.6 THP 150 unit and boosted power from 156 bhp to 200 bhp for top-flight results. Torque has also been increased, by nearly 15% from 240 Nm to 275 Nm, and remains available over a wide operating range ensuring flexibility and driving pleasure.

The engineers achieved this by modifying and optimising powertrain components. The turbo was tuned to achieve a 30% increase in power, while the mapping of the engine control unit was tweaked to extract the quintessence of this punchy, muscular powerplant. Lastly, the exhaust gets a special tail pipe and muffler.

Running gear focused on driving pleasure

The chassis and running gear of the DS3 have been expertly modified by the engineers for the DS3 Racing to transcend the work already accomplished for the regular model. The objective was to focus on intense driving thrills and a permanent dialogue between driver and road. The DS3 Racing has what it takes to become a standard-setter in the segment on road behaviour.

To literally hug the road, front and rear track have been widened by 30 mm and vehicle attitude lowered by 15 mm. These changes bring the DS3 Racing radically different on-road performance.

The front and rear shock absorbers on the DS3 Racing have been adapted in line with the extra power and the car has been fitted with stiffer springs. These changes further improve the traction and stability of a car that is already gifted in this area, guaranteeing an excellent "reading" of the road and faster cornering in complete peace of mind.

The steering has been made even more precise, adapted to the sporting character of the car. The DS3 Racing features specific steering mapping and the control system has been modified and adapted to the new tyres. The DS3 Racing brings drivers excellent feel and a precise course.

The car's extra power is perfectly controllable thanks to a braking system with Racing specifications, for more endurance and sharper performance. At the front, the DS3 Racing gets four-piston callipers and special discs. At the rear, again for more efficiency, performance and safety, the regular production discs have been drilled. The ESP system has been programmed for extra vitality, sportiness and driving pleasure. Drivers can disconnect the system whenever they like.

The changes made to the DS3 Racing give it a temperament that ensures driving thrills, vitality and gusto.

Finalised in a special workshop

The CITROËN DS3 Racing will be finalised in a special workshop. Based on the THP 150 Sport Chic version of the DS3, it will be equipped with a parts kit developed according to Citroën Racing specifications.

Main characteristics

Dimensions (L x W x H) (mm) 3,948 x 1,737 x 1,451
Wheelbase (mm) 2,460
Engine THP 200
Type 4 cylinders / 16 valves petrol + turbo
Capacity (cm3) 1,598
Power (bhp) / (kW) at rpm 200 / 147 at 5,800
Max torque (Nm) at rpm 275 from 2,500 to 4,000
Tyres 205 / 40 R18

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