Leaked: 2011 Infiniti QX56 Debut at New York  

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All-New 2011 Infiniti QX56 debut at the 2010 New York Auto Show later this week.

The new QX56 pulls styling cues from Infiniti’s G and M series cars, including its revised horizontally ribbed grille, rounded front fenders, free-form headlamps. Engine vents add character to the front flanks while the rear profile is rounded off much like Lexus’ LX 570, its main rival. A kink in the rear quarter window is unique to the QX, however, as are the shapely taillight clusters, rear glass and chrome appliqué, while the Infiniti is notably larger than the top-tier Lexus SUV.

Most likely packing Nissan's 400-horsepower 5.6 liter V8 (rated at 405 lb-ft of torque), this looks like it may legitimately be able to go up against Lexus and its Land Cruiser.

Nissan announced in September that it will export U.S. made 5.6L V8 engines and engine parts to Japan to install in the 2011 Infiniti QX and will ship the finished product back to U.S. dealerships. Apparently, the round-trip is more cost-efficient than building an engine plant in Japan.

2011 Infiniti QX56 2011 Infiniti QX56 2011 Infiniti QX56

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    Thanks for your information about one new Infiniti model. In the coming New York Auto Show, I must see how attractive this model is.