Citroen DS3 “StreetSeekers” Online Competition  

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The British division of Citroen announced today it has launched a new online competition on Facebook in which it invites entrants to find four pieces of the new DS3, as well as a complete car on the Google’s Street View virtual platform. Winners can get their hands on a new DS3 White 1.6 VTi 120 hp, as well as other Xbox 360 and iPod Touch prizes.

The competition’s organizers will release each day, for five days, a cryptic clue which is meant to guide you to one of the four pieces of Citroen DS3. These parts are hidden somewhere on the virtual map of Europe. After getting all four pieces, you'll receive the clue for finding the car offers as the first prize on the new Citroen DS3 StreetSeekers competition.

There will be three rounds of the DS3 StreetSeekers competition. The first one runs from July 27 until July 31, the second runs from August 17-21 and the third round from September 7-11. The winner will be contacted within 72 hours of the DS3 being found.

Citroen DS3 StreetSeekers Citroen DS3 StreetSeekers

Press Release

Citroën has launched ‘DS3 StreetSeekers’, an innovative on-line competition that invites entrants to search for four pieces of the new DS3 - plus a complete car - across the virtual landscape of Google’s Street View platform. The top prize is a brand new DS3 White 1.6 VTi 120hp. Xbox 360 and iPod Touch prizes are also up for grabs.

A cryptic clue will be released each day during the five-day competition period, hinting at where a piece of DS3 is hidden, somewhere across the interactive map of Europe. When participants discover all four pieces they’ll be given a clue as to the complete DS3’s location. The first to find the DS3 could win one in real life.

In true ‘hide and seek’ style, visitors to the DS3 StreetSeekers microsite can ‘walk’ around the application’s virtual streets until they uncover a piece of DS3. Helping users to locate the pieces, a graphic will hint whether they are getting ‘hot’ or ‘cold’ as they move about. When they walk over the secret coordinates, the pieces spring into view. DS3 StreetSeekers also uses Facebook Connect to allow an entrant to notify all of their friends when they discover a DS3 part, inviting them to get involved and also giving them a chance of winning.

If users don’t find all the hidden pieces and the car the first time round, there will be two more opportunities to take part and to win a DS3 in the StreetSeekers competition, with new hidden locations and prizes.

The first round of the DS3 StreetSeekers competition runs from 27th July, with the clue to the location of the car itself being released on Saturday 31st July. The winner will be contacted within 72 hours of the DS3 being found. The second round of the competition runs from 17th - 21st August and the third round from 7th - 11th September.

For full details, terms and conditions and to enter the competition, head to:

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