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MWDesign unveiled a new tuning package for the BMW Z4 Roadster. Performance wise, the Z4 Slingshot comes with a Dinan Stage II+ ECU Upgrade that adds some extra 78 hp and 157 Nm to the power of the standard car, boosting the output to a total of 400 hp and 570 Nm. The car has also been fitted with the first prototype exhaust for E89 Z4 3.5 turbo, also custom powdercoated matte black.

The exterior of the car has been modified with serveral carbon fiber parts, including front splitters, quad rear diffuser, and accenting, were fitted to the vehicle.  Even though the car has a new front and rear spoiler, the original kidney grille remains to show everybody its still a BMW at heart.

The front of the car has been garnished with an AC Schnitzer front addon spoiler, while the rear gets a carbon diffuser and wing from 3D Carbon. So what MW does is painting some of those parts in green! But the whole package looks quite classy and cool, specially with those 20-inch black Modulare wheels.

MWdesign BMW E89 Z4 MWdesign BMW E89 Z4 MWdesign BMW E89 Z4 MWdesign BMW E89 Z4 MWdesign BMW E89 Z4 MWdesign BMW E89 Z4 MWdesign BMW E89 Z4 MWdesign BMW E89 Z4

Press Release

MWDesign Project E89 Z4 3.5 "Slingshot"

At MWDesign, we are huge fans of all genres of design whether it is automotive, interior, architectural or even product design.

Inspiration for car themes often comes from random thoughts or from influences in our daily lives. These themes can be developed from something as basic as a single color or from something as complex as an abstract feeling provoked by an image or words but in this case was developed from a sport we are also passionate about; golf.

Like vehicle tuning and customization, golf is a highly technical sport, which requires top tier engineering and design of its precision equipment to enhance performance.

In golf, while technical innovation is important, aesthetics and design are never forgotten which is an ideal that we like to convey through our projects.

In our concepts we love to combine a collection of over-thought out details to create the overall image and theme of the vehicle. Rather than using several large and explicit details that do not flow, we prefer to build layers with details and textures that may not be immediately appreciated upon first glance. Factory like finishing and quality is of the utmost importance to each project build.

Modern, subdued finishes selected are devoid of polished and chrome surfaces unless absolutely necessary to avoid an overtly "shiny" and gaudy look.

For this specific E89 build, asides from loving the boldness of lime green, we have also had the pleasure of owning the Slingshot series of golf clubs crafted by Nike. This shade of green associated with the Slingshot series was the perfect starting base for our choice of green accenting color.

Lime green is one of the wildest colors on the entire color wheel. This color is perhaps best associated with extreme cars such as the "Verde Ithaca" from the Lamborghini Gallardo and Murcielago lines as well as "Sublime" from the Mopar greats such as the 70's Plymouth ‘Cuda, Dodge Challenger and Charger.

In our opinion it is one of the hardest colors to use successfully without looking overly excessive and out of place. For this reason, we had to use the color sparingly in combination with a monochromatic backdrop. A gradient from black, gunmetal grey battleship grey, to white is used to create a wide palette that still stresses neutrality but can still match the green.

Modulare wheels have sponsored our build with a set of 20" H1 three-piece wheels. We specified these wheels to be custom built with a highly detailed tinted brushed aluminum finish. From far the wheels look to be painted gunmetal but upon closer inspection they reveal the beauty of a machine brushed finish through the depth of a high gloss tinted clearcoat.

The wheel lips are then finished in a gloss black to provide a visually cohesive look with the long low body of the E89.

Toyo Tires has sponsored us with a set of our personal favorite T1-R tires in 245/30/20 and 285/25/20 to keep the Z4 planted in conjunction with the H&R suspension.

IND Distribution / Eisenmann USA has stepped in to provide us with the first prototype exhaust for E89 Z4 3.5 turbo. The exhaust system by itself is an amazing system that spans from the end canister to the catalysts. The end result is an awesome looking rear profile with an increase in power and torque with a low powerful tone without droning.

To match our monochromatic scheme, we had the entire exhaust system custom powdercoated matte black.

To further increase the Z4's power into supercar contention territory, our friends at DINAN sponsored the vehicle with an ECU upgrade. The ECU upgrade is definitely the best dollar for enjoyment modification adding a sizeable 78 horsepower and 116 pound feet of torque.

When added in conjunction with STETT Performance's front mount intercooler and diverter valves, air passes through colder and more freely resulting in greater power output. STETT's FMIC intercooler for E89 is rated for 620 horsepower and is made from top grade aluminum and 304 stainless piping.

To complete the car visually, we applied our "CONCEPTuning" approach to digitally render the car with the correct exterior modifications. Careful selection of area to accentuate with green, grey and carbon fiber were crucial in creating the correct look for the Z4. We are proud to say that our digital render is a 100% likeness to the final result.

The CONCEPTuning approach is vital in our tailoring of vehicles to ensure that the end result is precise and is loved by the client prior to ordering a single part to avoid having costly mistakes.

To complete the look we added a polyurethane front lip spoiler by AC Schnitzer with a custom made carbon fiber splitter that follows the curvature of the front add-on. Bodywork and paint for the aerodynamics and roll bars were done for us by Bismark Collision Facility in Richmond BC.

Our good friends at 3D Design in Japan sponsored the rear spoiler and matte carbon for our project build. The design of the rear lip spoiler and the rear diffuser was our first choice to complete the rear for this build. The weave and quality of the rear carbon fiber diffuser is absolutely flawless and perhaps the finest that we have seen.

To complete the rest of our theme, we dropped the car off at our long time business partners at Blitzgear in Richmond BC. They followed our render with absolute accuracy and created a matte carbon fiber fin to fit within the character lines of the front hood, retractable hardtop and trunk lid bordered with a battleship grey pinstripe.

Lime green accents were strategically added to the front bumper air ducts, underneath the rear diffuser, wheel lip striping and to the roll bar backs.

In our opinion this was just the perfect amount, grey and carbon to accent with the factory body to create the colorful yet minimalist modern technical look we were trying to achieve.

We feel that the use of modern finishing, precision engineering and no compromise design and aesthetics parallel to the sport of golf, which inspired us for this build. Our selection of a specific lime green also pays a great reference and homage to the amazing Nike Slingshot series of clubs and drivers that we have had the pleasure of owning and using.

The only thing missing from this build at the moment is a set of custom big brakes, which is currently in development.

Thank you for reading we hope you enjoyed our build!



  • Dinan Stage II+ ECU Upgrade - power rating at 400hp @ 420lb.ft torque
  • Eisenmann "Black Series" Quad Exhaust System + Midpipe
  • Stett Performance Front Mount Intercooler
  • Stett Performance Diverter Valves + Charge Pipe
  • Race Precision Intake Filter


  • AC Schnitzer Front Addon Spoiler with Custom Lime Green Vinyl Accents
  • 3DDesign Matte Carbon Fibre Quad Rear Diffuser with Custom Lime Green Vinyl Accents
  • 3DDesign Rear Spoiler
  • Custom Carbon Fibre Front Lower Splitters
  • OEM BMW Performance Front Kidney Grilles
  • Custom Carbon Fibre Vinyl Exterior Accents with Primer Grey Bordering
  • Custom Lime Green Painted Roll Bars with Plexi Wind Deflector


  • Modulare Forged H1 20×8.5 F 20×10 R Wheels in Tinted Brushed Center + Gloss Black Lip Finish with Custom Primer
  • Grey/Lime Green Accents
  • Custom Tinted Brushed Aluminium Center Caps with Primer Grey Accents
  • Toyo Proxes T1R 245/30/20 F 285/25/20 R Tires
  • Eibach Pro Sports Springs with Reinforced Shock Mounts and Bump Stops
  • H&R Adjustable Front and Rear Swaybars


  • Modulare Forged
  • 3d Design Japan
  • Eisenmann Germany
  • IND Distribution
  • Stett Performance
  • AC Schnitzer
  • Toyo Tires
  • Auto West BMW
  • Blitzgear
  • Dinan USA

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