2010 Kia Electric POP Concept  

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Kia is presenting a car concept ‘POP’ new all-electric mini at the 2010 Paris Motor Show in September, The model will shows an all-new compact electric concept car.

Kia will bring this year at Paris Motor Show a new concept, already predicted by several teaser images. The South Korean automaker plans to attract the public attention to an electric vehicle for urban areas, but adopting a non-conformist design, drawn by the same Peter Schreyer.

The Kia Pop is 10 feet long and defined by such cues as pincer-like headlights, a panoramic roof and oval side windows mounted on the diagonal. The tiny concept has LED lights and a power point in the rear. It is slightly longer than the tiny Toyota iQ. The cabin features a purple interior with a front bench for two and a rear seat for one.

The new Kia Pop are sketchy, but at 3m long and with a triple-seat arrangement, it could be that Kia has its sights set on creating a rival to the Toyota iQ. In fact, we can see from the bird's-eye shot that the seating plan mimics that of Toyota's baby with two positions in a front bench and a single rear seat behind the front passenger. Whether the Pop can replicate the tiny-footprint practicality of the iQ remains untested for now.

For all its progress in recent times, the Korean maker is currently lacking an electric or hybrid model in its western line-up, and a battery-powered city car would allow it to take the fight to Mitsubishi's i-MiEV and the forthcoming Peugeot iON.

2010 Kia POP Concept 2010 Kia POP Concept 2010 Kia POP Concept 2010 Kia POP Concept 2010 Kia POP Concept

Press Release


Kia Motors will continue its tradition of unveiling convention-challenging and design-led concept vehicles at motor shows when it reveals an all-new electric concept car at the Paris Motor Show on the 30th September.

Called the 'POP', Kia's latest concept car boasts zero-emissions – whilst in use – and at three metres long, yet with a three seat layout, brings innovative design chic and dramatic styling to the city car segment.

Further information will be released in due course. The 2010 Paris Motor Show runs from the 30th September to the 17th October


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