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Kia will introduce Optima wagon, considering to build two-door Optima Coupe!

The new Kia Proceed LSD doors are compliant with the EEC crash test guidelines and are approved by the German TUV. The Kia Proceed LSD doors benefit from the manufacturer's GRS hinge mechanism which adds more safety and precision when opening and closing the doors. The Kia Proceed LSD doors are assembled at the original door's attachments points and come individually as Driver- or Co-Driver set.

From now on, Procee'd owners with a taste for tuning will have the opportunity to buy and install on their vehicles such doors for only EUR1,599 (including VAT, price for hinges intended for both doors). Of course, you can fit only one side of the car with LSD doors, meaning you'll only have to pay EUR699.

The 2011 Kia Optima is expected to go on sale in Europe in the first half of next year with a range of EURO5 diesel engines taken from Sportage. Those include the entry-level 1.7L and more potent 2.0L units. A 2.0L gasoline engine will also be available.

The system used by LSD for their doors includes the new GRS (Guided Roller System) which allows for adjustment possibility with the roller guidance of the roller bearing integrated in the hinges. This in turn leads to a more precise closing of the door.

Kia Procee’d Kia Procee’d Kia Procee’d

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With gull-wing door plates by LSD, the Kia Procee’d becomes a real head-turner. Now LSD offers the hinges either as a complete set for both doors for only 1599 Euro including VAT or for each door individually. This lowers the entry price to 699 Euro and the driver has all eyes on him when he opens the doors.

The plates are equipped with the new GRS (Guided Roller System). It offers an adjustment possibility with the roller guidance of the roller bearing integrated in the hinges. This results in more safety and more precise opening and closing of the door.

LSD plates are delivered with a part certificate by the German Technical Control Board which ensures that the LSD gull-wing doors fulfil all security standards.

Compared to other retrofit-sets for gull-wing doors, the LSD plates “made in Germany“ impress with a fully developed technology and the highest-possible quality standard. Moreover, a test laboratory accredited by the Federal German Transport Authority confirmed in a side crash-test that the LSD-solution which is patented in Germany is as safe as any serially fitted door.

That means that passenger safety in a side crash is guaranteed according to guideline 96/27/EG by the LSD hinge system. LSD enables an easy and quick assembly without welding or painting works and impresses by its perfect fitting accuracy due to its three-dimensional adjustment.

The LSD plates are fitted to the original door attachment points of the dismantled original plates. After the assembly, the otherwise unchanged original door first opens outwards and then securely guided and damped upwards.

Adjustable plates stop doors from opening too far or from falling inwards or downwards when opened. And also, it only takes one grip to close the doors.

The LSD gull-wing doors render a sensational look to any car and are the ideal solution of fans of extraordinary tuning- and show cars. The LSD door plates can be obtained directly from LSD or from a specialist dealer.

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