2010 Nissan Townpod concept  

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Nissan has announced plans to introduce the Townpod electric vehicle concept at the Paris Motor Show. The company says the Nissan Townpod concept offers a glimpse into how they plan to expand their product portfolio. They do not mention what type of vehicle will the Nissan Townpod be, but they do say it will offer an "eye-catching design with a spacious and practical interior".

According to Nissan, the Townpod is more of a preview of what the company's zero emission vehicle lineup could be like and has even revealed a teaser image of what seems to be the right side headlight of this concept.

"It is designed to offer zero-emissions mobility to a future generation of home-based, innovative entrepreneurs who are creative and tech-savvy. It is more than just a car and it's more than just a van - it heralds a new-era of flexible, stylish vehicles that will bring electric-vehicle mobility to the masses."

So, is it an electric city-car for the techie on the go? Will the Townpod EV be a mobile blogging lair for those both green and lazy? Honestly, we have no clue. It's not easy to figure out what something looks like from an image that resembles the eye of an Autobot. For now, we'll just have to let our imaginations run wild.

Press Release

  • World debut of a new electric-vehicle concept
  • Nissan LEAF Electric Vehicle on display as order books open in Europe
  • Public exhibition of Nissan Juke to coincide with first customer deliveries
  • Public Premiere of refreshed Nissan X-TRAIL

ROLLE, Switzerland (30th August, 2010) – At the forthcoming Paris Motor Show, Nissan will be unveiling for the first time a concept vehicle that offers insight into how Nissan could expand its portfolio of zero-emission vehicles. Called Townpod, the concept combines eye-catching design with a spacious and practical interior.

It is designed to offer zero-emissions mobility to a future generation of home-based, innovative entrepreneurs who are creative and tech-savvy. It is more than just a car and it’s more than just a van - it heralds a new-era of flexible, stylish vehicles that will bring electric-vehicle mobility to the masses.

Nissan LEAF

And, continuing the zero-emissions theme, shortly before the first European customer deliveries begin early next year, Nissan LEAF will be making its Paris Motor Show debut.

Nissan LEAF is a 100% electric vehicle (EV), promising zero tailpipe emissions and low running costs. It is the first purpose-designed, mass-produced affordable EV from any major motor manufacturer and is just the first in a range of EVs due from the company.

Power comes from a Nissan-developed compact electric motor positioned at the front of the car to drive the front wheels. The AC motor develops 80kW of power and 280Nm of torque, enough for a maximum speed of more than 140km/h (90 mph).

A full battery charge delivers a range of approximately 160m, which will meet the daily needs of 80 per cent of European customers.

The electric motor is ‘fuelled' by a Nissan-developed laminated lithium-ion battery with a power output of more than 90kW. The 48-module battery is mounted under the seats and floor of Nissan LEAF. Regenerative energy reclaimed under braking and coasting is fed directly to the battery to ensure minimum waste of energy.

New Nissan Micra

The new Nissan Micra stays true to the spirit of previous generations. It has resisted the increase in dimension of its peers, but thanks to smart engineering has a spacious interior. Like its predecessors, the new Nissan Micra is endowed with agile and fun-to-drive handling thanks to its new platform.

A new three-cylinder 1.2-litre petrol engine is available, combining emissions of just 115g/km and consumption on the combined cycle of 5l/100km. This will be followed next spring by the introduction of a direct injection, supercharged version of the same engine, which will offer even lower emissions and consumption, but higher performance. The supercharged version will produce just 95g/km, one of the lowest figures on the market, but at a price that will mean customers no longer have to pay a premium to be eco-efficient.

And like its predecessor, new Nissan Micra will feature genuinely useful, innovative technology that will reduce the stress of driving in the city.

Nissan Juke

Paris Motor Show coincides with the start of customer deliveries for the Nissan Juke, the company’s all new small-sports Crossover.

The British-built Nissan Juke will arrive in Paris with more than 22,500 pre-orders, suggesting that European car buyers are eager to drive a compact Crossover. Nissan Juke brings a breath of fresh air to the small car segment, which has been characterised by a lack of design originality. As the third Crossover in Nissan’s range, it reinforces the brand’s pioneering leadership in bringing models to market that meet the unmet needs of European customers. Eighty per cent of Nissan Juke sales will be to first-time Nissan buyers, a similar figure to that achieved by the award winning Nissan Qashqai.

Updated Nissan X-TRAIL

Significant visual updates have been made to the company’s classic compact SUV, the Nissan X-TRAIL. A refreshed front grille, rear lights and larger wheels all combine to give it a more sophisticated look.

Inside, higher-quality materials and updated colour coordination mean the interior ambience is improved, while the driver will appreciate the improved visibility and legibility of the new main combimeter, which also includes a new drive computer screen.

Updates to the diesel engine, gearbox ratios and aerodynamics have resulted in lower emissions and consumption.

The Nissan press conference starts at 11:30 on Thursday 30th September.

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    Yes, I've seen this model of Nissan before coming to your post. Its really a small model with awesome appearance. I can't compare it with any other small car. Really it's a unique creation from super Nissan.