BYD Bringing Two Battery Cars To Detroit Show  

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BYD has announced plans to introduce two new vehicles at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit.

BYD will stage two world premieres, including the unveiling of a pure battery-electric crossover, the e6Premier, as well as the S6DM plug-in hybrid-electric vehicle.

The BYD e6Premier, equipped with an iron-phosphate "FE" battery, has a 186-mile range on city roads and a top speed of 87 miles per hour. It takes 40 minutes to fully charge the e6 using a 100-kilowatt fast-charger and six hours on a standard outlet.

BYD's S6DM SUV can travel 38 miles on electric power alone and more than 310 miles when engaging a 2-litre gas engine. A 10-kilowatt electric motor is paired with a six-speed dual-clutch transmission propelling the front wheels, while a powerful 75-kilowatt electric motor powers the rear wheels.

BYD also will display the F3DM hybrid, featuring a solar panel sunroof to help charge the iron-phosphate battery, and an all-electric K9 e-Bus with in-wheel electric drive. It can travel 155 miles on a single charge.

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Press Release

BYD to Announce Green Vision at NAIAS on January 10th

BYD's "Three Green Dreams" focuses on renewable energy generation, environmentally-friendly energy storage and efficient energy consumption, covering solar power, Iron-phosphate energy storage and electric vehicles. BYD will present their short and long term "Green City Solutions" which includes plans to help cities electrify all public transportation, and reduce air pollution and carbon emissions at a low cost.

BYD's pure-electric vehicle -- the e6 Premier (2012 Year Model) and the brand-new dual mode electric SUV -- the S6DM will make their world premieres on the main floor exhibit space at the COBO Center at the 2011 NAIAS. The World's first mass-produced F3DM sedan low-carbon version and the core drive technology of the pure-electric bus, shown at EVS25 recently, will also be showcased.

The new 5-seat crossover -- the BYD e6 Premier (2012 Year Model) has a more dynamic and sporty exterior design. Equipped with BYD Iron-phosphate "FE" battery, the e6 Premier has an expected range of 300km (or 186.4 miles) on urban roads, while its projected top speed is 140km/h (or 87 mph). It only takes 40 minutes to fully charge the e6 on the 100kW fast charging cabinet and 6 hours to overnight-charge the e6 on the 10kW standard charging pole. These characteristics make the e6 ideal for daily commuters and in-town driving.

The core technology of the pure-electric K9 e - B us is another BYD breakthrough in the field of electrified transportation. The specially designed in-wheel electric drive and the electronically-controlled air suspension allows this 12-meter-long e-Bus to have ample space and a low-floor for easy passenger loading and unloading. The K9 is able to run 250+ km (155+ miles) on a single charge.

The BYD S6DM SUV is the world's first independent 4WD dual-mode electric SUV. Traveling over 60km (38 miles) purely on electric power and over 310 miles extended range when engaging the environmentally friendly 2.0L gasoline engine, this SUV sports a 10kW electric motor (M1) paired with a smooth 6-speed dual-clutch transmission propelling the front wheels while a powerful 75kW electric motor (M2) powers the rear wheels.

The F3DM low-carbon version also features the BYD Fe battery together with a BYD 371QA 1.0-liter gasoline engine. This vehicle is equipped standard with a solar panel sunroof to parallel charge the Fe battery. Powered by the Fe battery pack alone, the F3DM can travel over 60km (38+ miles). The extended range HEV mode allows the car to achieve another 500 km (or 313 miles) with a maximum speed of 150km/h (about 93.2 mph).

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