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GWA Tuning, a North American firm, has revealed the images of the Ciento Once. The prototype is still under development and is a revival of a famous Mercedes Gullwing prototype from the 70s. GWA has created a modern take of the same vehicle.

The Ciento Once is built upon a tubular space frame chassis, but instead of the original Wankel diesel that powered the concept car it gets aMercedes V12 with with 408 HP mounted in the middle visible through the glass hood. It is backed by a 6-speed Cima H type transaxle and a special tuned exhaust.

Wheelbase is slightly shorter than the original at 103 inches (2616 mm) and weight is similar at 1,400 kg (3086 lbs). Brakes are the same as on the S55 Mercedes-Benz.

The interior of the GWA Tuning Ciento Once offers carbon fiber seats, brushed aluminum pedals and illuminated door sills. the car has the same wheel-tire setup as the Mercedes SLS AMG (19x9 wheels with 265/35/19 tires at the front and 20x11 wheels with 295/30/20 tires at the rear.)

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Exterior and Interior

The Ciento Once will come with a body made out of high-grade aluminum and an electrically operated rear adjustable wing. Other elements that will be added to this one-off vehicle include a swooping front hood, front spoiler with large air intake, a rear diffusor, and of course, those gull wing doors.

Comparing it to the 1970 Mercedes-Benz C111 from which it was based on, the Ciento Once will come with a slightly shorter wheelbase at 103 inches while maintaining the same weight – around 1,400 kg – as its inspiration. The one-off car also runs on GWA Type A wheels, 19X9 front and 20X11 rears, with 265/35/19 and 295/30/20 rubber.

As for the interior, GWA Tuning gave the Ciento Once a modern take while also taking into account a vintage retro feel. Modern items include carbon fiber seats covered in plaid, an instrument panel that’s been modeled after a W120R MB, modern dashboard accents, illuminated door sills, and brushed AMG aluminum pedals.


GWA Tuning certainly made sure to give the Ciento Once an engine worthy of its one-off status. Housed in a tubular space frame chassis, the car’s power plant is derived from a M120 Mercedes V12 engine that produces a robust 408 horsepower and is mated to a six-speed Cima H-type transaxle and a special tuned exhaust. Even better, the car’s powerful engine can be seen through a glass on the rear deck, making for some nice ‘ooohing’ and ‘aaahing’ from passersby.


No word yet on how much it’s going to cost, but considering it’s most likely going to be a one-off vehicle, there’s a very big chance that it’s going to come with a steep price tag. How steep? Well, we wouldn’t be surprised if it punches a number north of six digits.


Scoff if you want, but if you’re in the market for a one-of-a-kind Mercedes with gullwing doors to rival your neighbor’s SLS AMG, then GWA Tuning’s Ciento Once is the perfect candidate for that. Just make sure you call ‘dibs’ on the car before everybody else.

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