MEC Design Mercedes SLS 63 AMG  

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MEC Design finally released pictures of their unique kit for Mercedes SLS.

First is the addition of a new body kit consisting of a new front and rear bumper, front lip with optional carbon fiber in one or two pieces, side skirts with LED lighting, rear spoiler, roof scoop, and a rear diffuser.

Inside, designers added carbon fiber trim, an Alcantara sports steering wheel and special floor mats with the MEC logo.

As for the wheels you get MEC’s mecxtreme3 size 10,5×20 with 265/30 ZR 20 tires at front and 11,5×21 with 295/25 ZR 21 at the back. The car is also fitted with Hydraulic Suspension with “LIFT-UP” System that can raise the car by 30mm. The height adjustment capability can also lower the car by as much as 70mm.

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Press Release

MEC Design Mercedes SLS AMG

MEC Design Bodykit consists of:

  • Front Bumper with choice of 1 or 2 piece Front Lip Spoiler/ optional LED Lighting (Front lips are also available in Carbon finish)
  • Rear Bumper with 3 different Diffusor options / "Extreme" or "Formula" or "GT3" (Diffusors are also available in Carbon finish)
  • Side skirts, optional with 4 LED's per side
  • Rear Trunklid Spoiler (also available in Carbon finish)
  • 2 Piece Window Spoiler (also available in Carbon finish)
  • Roof Airscoop (also available in Carbon finish)

MEC Design Stainless Steel Sports Rear Muffler with a gigantic, very vigorous and muffled sound, especially in the higher rpm range, where the AMG system reaches its limits (in respect to the sound!); it can also be used with the original AMG System with Adaptor pipes for the MEC Design 4-pipes end tips for use with the MEC Design Bodykit!

MEC Design Hydraulic Suspension with "LIFT-UP" System, Height adjustment by pressing a button to 30mm at the front / rear axle and, lowering up to 70mm possible.

MEC Design Wheels mecxtreme3 Front axle 10,5x20 with 265/30 ZR 20 as well as rear axle 11,5x21 with 295/25 ZR 21; there is a possible combination of 11 or rather. 11,5x20 on the front combined with 12,5x20 on the rear axle

MEC Design Carbon/ Alcantara Sports Steering Wheel, the steering wheel is very strong and highly ergonomic in form; Furthermore the shift paddles and the steering wheel insert (triangle below) are also available in Carbon finish.

The steering wheel is also available with Leather/Alcantara or rather Carbon/ Leather finish.

MEC Design Complete Carbon Interior consits of Middle Console, Door guards, Scuffplate/entry guard, compartment between the rear seats, seat cover, seat casing.

MEC Design Floor mats with double stitched Nubuck Leather edging.

MEC Design Trunk finishing: complete trunk interior including trunklid in Alcantara with double stitched edging and logo.

Grill Inset painted in car colour.

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