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BT Design has unveiled a new Skoda concept at the 2012 Auto Mobil International Show (AMI) in Leipzig, Germany. The ETAPE Concept, as it is known, is a sporty pick-up truck based on the Czech crossover which is quite a sight in real life.The ETAPE Concept features plenty of changes from its four-door crossover cousin.

Though the ETAPE is based on the production version Skoda Yeti, the Pickup concept has been given a complete overhaul with two doors, a wide body kit, a flatbed in the back and a new cabin. The concept also dons a new front and rear fascia, new side skirts, flared wheel arches housing larger alloy wheels wrapped in low profile tyres and redesigned interiors. The only aspect that is left unchanged is the car's bonnet.

Press Release

The concept of ETAPE cannot be ignored

Benet Automotive works closely with the car manufacturer Skoda Auto a.s., so it is no coincidence that BA chose Skoda Yeti model to show example customization, which is very effectively adapted to its own open concept ETAPE. They want to demonstrate on Yeti the possibilities of starting their own design proposal, from major structural modifications to precise work of modelers in the development workshop. Cycle theme of exhibition commemorates the long-term commitment of Skoda Auto in this sports sector. Last but not least, there is the analogy of everlasting efforts of the motorists to escape from the ‚peloton‘ of serial production towards individuality.

The trend confirms that individuality is desired goods on the road

Customers of BT brand are individuals who desire uniqueness as well as companies which use modified cars with unique design to promote their own products and services. As currently displayed concept ETAPE shows, the possibilies are virtually endless. Ambition of BT brand, however, reaches even further, which is clearly illustrated by the words of Josef Zajicek, managing director and mastermind of the project: ‘We want to inspire individuals and the whole industry.Our aim is to provoke even greater demand for individualization of cars from both end user and manufacturers. At the same time we want to present the possibility of building a completely unique promotional vehicles to order to various companies. Here at Benet Automotive we have enough creativity as well as technical support needed for implementation.‘

Invention is not improvisation

On the exhibition piece ETAP, only front bonnet remains from the original body parts of Yeti. Reinforcing of the structure was solved with the help of modern computer technology. In addition to designers and engineers have also come into play other professions, like people working on car body, modelers, painters, uphosterers and many others.

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