Nissan GT-R by Jotech Motorsports  

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Jotech Motorsports has unveiled new Nissan GT-R modified car that was finished for a Brazilian customer. The engine once larger injectors, iridium spark plugs, dual fuel pumps, new aluminum air intake filter with the K & N and the stainless steel exhaust HKS.

The GT-R features their stage 2 package that develops 604awhp, but with the AWD system of the GT-R there is an 18 precent powertrain loss in power, 604awhp is calculated to about 735hp at the crank. The Stage 2 package will utilize the map switching capabilities of the Cobb AccessPort and their custom tune for both pump gas and E85.

The model is also equipped with a Cobb Access Port that comes preloaded with special engine mapping software which enables the GT-R to run on petrol or E85. Thanks to these modifications, the model produces 550-570 WHP on 93 octane and 580-600 WHP on E85.

entire conversion kit costs $ 10.250 (€ 7.750), and this includes the cost of installation.

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