Detailed and Officially Revealed for Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Grand Sport Roadster  

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These current owners are also the destination for the first 50 units of the planned 150 unit production run and considering each model is custom made, any first-time buyers are likely to have to wait a good couple of years before they will see it in their garage. There is of course one other option, Bugatti do have the first model up for auction through renowned auctioneers Gooding & Company, but we can expect a sky high price way above the €1.4 million (excl. taxes) for the regular model. Profits from the auction will go to charity.

This past weekend Bugatti unveiled its new Veyron 16.4 Grand Sport Roadster in the presence of the world's media and for the adoring public. It is the result of pure consumer pressure, despite the coupe model being among the world's most powerful, technologically advanced and expensive models in the world, it hasn't stopped many of the current owners demanding an open-top version.

Interior has also benefited from a number of enhancements, these include a moisture-resistant, backstitched leather along with a new 2.7 inch monitor integrated into the rear-view mirror and a Puccini sound system.

Performance figures remain impressive with the top speed rated at 407km/h (matching the coupe) when the roof is on whilst this figure drops down to 360km/h when it is removed.

Now we have the boring details out the way, lets get down and dirty with the new open-top monster. The roof of the original Veyron was key to the vehicle's structure, therefore designing the Grand Sport Roadster was not as simple as just removing the roof. The monocoque structure of the roadster has been reinforced around the side skirts and transmission tunnel, the carbon fibre doors house an integrated longitudinal beam which transfers the structure's load from the A-pillar to the B-pillar in the event of an accident.
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