The next generation Toyota Prius spy Catch First Interior  

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The inside word from Japan is that the 2010 version of the landmark hybrid will deliver both better fuel economy and more power. The 1.5-liter engine will be replaced by a larger 100bhp 1.8-liter version which will improve high speed cruising of the vehicle. A new generation electric motor will boost the model's total power to 160bhp and there are rumours of an optional solar panel roof being fitted to the model as well. Improvements will certainly get the thumbs up from the politicians, fuel economy could go down to as low as 2.9 litres per 100 kilometres (80 mpg) whilst emissions may drop below the 100g/km mark.

The next generation Toyota Prius is entering its final stages of development and to entice those prospective consumers in we can bring the first shot of the redesigned interior.

It may not look it, but the body will be all-new, growing 2.5 centimetres wider, but getting some 3 centimetres shorter in overall length. The Prius' range may also grow from the current one body style, with a sedan variant expected to be launched as well and a little further down the line we should also see a plug-in version.
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