UK Garage Presents Lotus Extrema  

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The importer UK Garage, known in Italy for the management of brands such as TVR, Noble and Radical, has submitted a new project-based Lotus, the Extrema. This is essentially a Exige Mk1 distinguishable for some cosmetic changes, such as car headlights and enlarged in the second series.

The aluminum chassis has undergone, as well as a slight widening of roadways to mount tires increased, a significant lengthening of the pitch (20 cm), required for the new transaxle of power (in this case longitudinal)-exchange. The transmission can be manually or alternatively sequentially.

The alloy rims, very light, are available with the attack on 5 bolts that with monodado and in the body, you can choose between the fiberglass and kevlar-carbon composite. The most powerful engine available are Chevrolet V8 Origin: two LS3 420 or 500 HP (total dry mass of 970 kg), the 513 HP LS7 from the Corvette Z06 ol'LS9 by the 647 hp ZR1 (in this case the mass reaches 1,000 kg). The outstanding performance is an inevitable consequence: 2,8 s on 0-100, 0-200 on 7 s and maximum speed of over 320 km / h.

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