Retroforza gives Mazda Miata a Ferrari complex  

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If you've got an obsession with boomer culture, but don't have the budget to spring for a period-specific Ferrari, never fear, RetroForza makes it possible to be a nostalgic poseur. Sporting lines reminiscent of Ferrari's 275, RetroForza is claiming that its Italia bodywork kit for the Mazda MX-5 takes inspiration from vintage Lotus, Alfa, Jaguar and Cobra models.

While It's not horrible, the proportions don't exactly work. There's too much front overhang, leading to a fierce underbite, but it avoids looking as stubby as it might on the MX-5's short wheelbase. The Mazda mechanicals mean that it'll be reliable and fun to drive, and with a coupe version supposedly available, there are worse ways to rebody your Miata.
Source: RetroForza

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