Smashing idea: Hyundai giving away Superbowl ads soundtrack  

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How did you like Hyundai's Genesis Coupe ads during the Super Bowl? They rocked, right? With that hard-driving soundtrack from The Smashing Pumpkins, of course they rocked.

The song is called "FOL," and it isn't available for purchase anywhere. But you can get it for free just by giving Hyundai your e-mail address. Click here to fill out the two-question (name and e-email) form, then click on download. Hit play, close your eyes and you'll be lapping the track with Billy Corgan any time you wish. We're not sure how long the offer is available, so if you're interested, click here. Don't want to give up personal info to Hyundai? Watch the ads as much as you like right here.

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