Geneva Debuts: Citroen DS Inside Concept  

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Citroen today to celebrate their 90 years, its founder André Citroën's birthday to commemorate the eve of a new dawn of the French company. At DS concept is to celebrate in the fact that - herald a new corporate image, brand restructuring, rectify and dealer network to introduce new product lines under a new philosophy and innovative technology.

Recently unveiled a new corporate logo and brand is the first time hinted that things will change. Now 'to rid itself of' the screen, three-dimensional arrow set up now on red 'Citroen', signal vitality. Of course it will be a new life as a brand.

Most anticipated development will be the real star here: the internal concept of DS at its premiere at the Geneva Motor Show this week. Make the best use of a nickname, so that French companies immediately recognize their creativity and innovation of the DS in 1955 luxury cars hydropneumatic self-leveling suspension system, are to resume at DS brand - with Citroen intentions very same consequences.

Citroen new development strategy are advancing with the times - more and more consumers turn to 'think better', rather than simply the 'more'. Divided into two different procedures development stategy of the State Council, will focus on driving pleasure of the consumer-oriented reputation, the excitement and emotion - there is no 'rigid code of practice' model of traditional premium.

Has initiated under the DS3 ',' DS4 'and' DS5 'brand from 2010, Citroen will be the position of the three new projects at small, medium and large car segments, representing the best companies. DS3 on the basis of the DS within the Geneva concept cars, each model will be different embodie the spirit of 'Citroen new and innovative technology philosophy.

In order to tie in with this strategy is to consolidate efforts, more economical, and intelligent engineers model, these consumers want practical, but fashionable. Examples of this strategy are already being implemented; recently released a new complement C3 Picasso and C - Cactus concept, demonstrating the future, more targeted solutions.

Coincides with the new direction the brand will be re-designed the 8000 Citroen dealer network of people. Building a new exhibition hall, selected 12 finalists from the development of leading architects, will provide enhanced customer relationships, through transparency, liquidity and colors. The project will add a new level of service, known as the 'Citroen selection', as well as commitment to customers, sales and after-sales service known as the 'building blocks'.
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