Geneva : KTM Reveals X-Bow ROC & X-Bow Superlight  

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Railway, manufacturers changed the prototype to completely eradicate the production of vehicles in just two and a half years, has returned to Geneva, to celebrate one year, because they produce X-Bow premiere. Founded in the spring of last year in Geneva, at X - Bow's position is on at five variants, 2, to make their world debut: at train X-Bow X-chiu, and the Republic of China bow.

Austrian motorcycle manufacturer's strategy, in 2009 amendments to the revised prediction of the output figure dropped to 600 units in 1000 from the alterered with X-Bow line.

X-BOW Street, utilising like all X-BOW models Audi's 2.0 TFSI engine, remains the range's base model and is priced at 49.980 euros (exc. national taxes and import duties). The X-BOW Clubsport, 'perfect' entry-level for the track, is priced at €59.980 and the GT4, with its FIA seal of approval, is priced at €82.900.

Basic authentication on lightweight X-Bow's carbon fiber chassis structure, material reservations to the current aerospace and Formula 1, X-Bow will be showing off its ultra-racing-derived technology, for all to see. This means that the application of black body panels and carbon fiber wheel cover can be seen to give ultra-unique 'technoid' Look. Carbon boat accident and the suspension of the two boxes are installed in the other monomer.

At 79,980 euros (plus tax and import tax country), are in the ultra range, breaking the KMT's X-Bow and equipped with limited-slip differential, lightweight alloy wheels, paint a single central nut and all the important race timer.

X bow at the Republic of China to give a nod to the legendary race of champions' event, last year at London's Wembley Stadium, where thousands of fans cheered the car drivers of different vehicles and the names, including迈克尔舒Mach, Loeb, Tom Kristensen and Mattias斯埃克Strom. This is the train X-Bow first time.

With the praise of the world's leading driver, but obviously the team, limited edition model is necessary. So enter the X-Bow 'Championship run, or short-term Republic of China. Set to run only 30, our exclusive use of the body-panel design, paint, draw in particular lightweight alloy wheels, sports exhaust pipe and Mobile multi-function steering wheel. This € 69,980.

And resigned from the production of 600 units in the current economic climate, the driver will be the focus of attention to its customers a series of special PowerParts and PowerWear products, as well as take part in X-bow Cup and RaceOrange plan.
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