Rast test car in crash  

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Send - The police劫ast speaks of a miracle: A 32-year-old is sending out on Friday lunchtime on the A31 in an accident was to the five vehicles were involved. The young man came with slight injuries. He was with a prototype from the Dülmen Edelschmiede Wiesmann go. His objective is a test track in Papenburg emsländischen, Münsterland, the sports car manufacturer.

The value of the vehicle, which was unique on the basis of the Wiesmann GT, is to act, shall be reported by the police at around 130,000 euros. The Roadster has suffered a total loss.

The driver was sent out on the A31 to the north in the left lane on the road. When he was next to a red BMW E30 Cabriolet held Shear whose driver also at high speed on the fast lane out. This triggered a chain of collisions that committed itself Fahrerflucht.

To a collision with BMW to avoid most of the 32-year-old in the Wiesmann GT left off and crashed against the barrier. From there he threw against a right lane on the road traveling from Poland. This pushed the sports car back on the left lane on which the test car damaged opposite direction stehenblieb.

A subsequent pair of small trucks and trailers from the obstacle was Gentiles nor to the right away, while another, followed by small truck from Velen frontally in the sports hineinfuhr. This slammed against the right-propelled carriage.

Nevertheless, it remained at two slightly injured, reported the police, admitted that the test car, its probably a security detection agent. The total damage amounted to nearly EUR 150000, says the report from the police, the witnesses of the accident investigated.

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